Find out what critics and enthusiasts say about CSI Experience.

Boston Museum of Science Anticipates CSI: The Experience
“…The exhibit features cutting-edge technology straight from the crime lab, challenging visitors to form their own hypotheses in order to solve a crime.”

Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry
“The show CSI has inspired its millions of fans to become interested in forensic science. We think the show’s connection to the exhibit will help draw many people into a high quality science learning experience.”

“Variety TV” Get ready for “CSI: Chicago.”
The latest chapter in the “CSI” story heads to the museum to teach adults — and older kids — about the wonders of forensic science.

Show Creator Talks About the ‘CSI’ Experience
Show creator Anthony Zuiker tells BuddyTV: “I wanted people to feel like they took the next step from television. If TV can provide an educational medium, then we’ve done something special.”