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The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History gratefully acknowledges the following for their help, collaboration,
and partnership in making this exhibit possible.

Ron Singer, M.S.
Crime Laboratory Director
Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office

The American Academy of
Forensic Sciences
Board of Directors and Membership

Dr. Jason H. Byrd
Board Certified Forensic Entomologist
Diplomate of the American Board
of Forensic Entomology

Dave Chittenden
Director of Education at the
Science Museum of Minnesota

Leslie M. Miller, Ph.D.
Senior Research Scholar and
Executive Director
Center for Technology in Teaching
and Learning, Rice University.

Jamie Becker
Firearm and Toolmark Examiner
Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office

Art Eisenberg, Ph. D.
Professor and Director
DNA Identity Laboratory
University of North Texas System

Cassandra Padula Burke
Forensic Chemist & Trace Analyst
Baltimore County Police Department
Forensic Services Division

The Botanical Research Institute
of Texas, Fort Worth, TX
Barney Lipscomb, Leonhardt
Chair of Texas Botany
Amanda K. Neill, Director of the Herbarium

Eric Walton, Computer Forensic Analyst
University of Central Florida

The Staff of the Tarrant County Medical
Examiner’s Office and Forensic Laboratories

Carrie Whitcomb, Director
National Center for Forensic Science

Dr. Marcella Fierro
Chief Medical Examiner
Commonwealth of Virginia

Brad Larson
Principal Developer of
Brad Larson Media, Inc.

Sharon L. Ballou
SAJ Forensics

Joe Keiper, Ph.D.
Curator of Invertebrate Zoology
Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Christoph Rahofer
President & CEO EMS Exhibits, Inc.
a division of EMS Event Marketing Service, Vienna

Cheryl McCallum
Director of Education of the
Children’s Museum of Houston

Donna Graham

The Baltimore County Police Department
Forensic Services Section
Irvin B. Litofsky, Director

Janet Kamien
Museum Exhibit Consultant

Katherine E. Sullivan
Project Manager
National Center for Forensic Science

“…The exhibit features cutting-edge technology straight from the crime lab, challenging visitors to form their own hypotheses in order to solve a crime.”Boston Museum of Science Anticipates CSI: The Experience

“The show CSI has inspired its millions of fans to become interested in forensic science. We think the show’s connection to the exhibit will help draw many people into a high quality science learning experience.”Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry

The latest chapter in the “CSI” story heads to the museum to teach adults — and older kids — about the wonders of forensic science.“Variety TV” Get ready for “CSI: Chicago.”

Show creator Anthony Zuiker tells BuddyTV: “I wanted people to feel like they took the next step from television. If TV can provide an educational medium, then we’ve done something special.”Show Creator Talks About the ‘CSI’ Experience


All videos property of CBS Broadcasting Inc., and Fort Worth Museum of Science and History (c) 2007. Video footage may not be broadcast or shared, in whole or in part, without express permission from all parties.  This project is supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation awarded to the Fourth Worth Museum of Science and History. Other partners include the American Academy of Forensic Science, CBS and Rice University Center for Technology in Teach and Learning. MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, 3799 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, NV 89109 TM CBS (c) 2000 – 2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. and Entertainment AB Funding LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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