Visit the CSI: The Experience store at the venue to purchase CSI: Crime Scene Investigation tools of the trade. Among the available merchandise are CSI licensed fingerprint and facial reconstruction kits, DVDs of all seasons, PC games, board games, guide-books, T-shirts, caps and much more. Whether it's gear for the devoted fan or tools to replicate the procedures conducted by trained forensics professionals, you're hot on the trail of finding just what you're looking for.

Visit the Official Website for the hit CBS show, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

A wealth of forensic learning is only a click away at the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation website. To expand your understanding of forensic science, be sure to check out the handbook, which includes information on evidence gathering, forensic tools, and procedures. To read more on the cast or to get caught up on the latest plot lines, this CBS website has it all.


Click here and you will be taken to the CSI: Website.
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